Solway Woolscapes
Solway Woolscapes

All the pictures below are double mounted the complete size measuring 12 in x 10 in.

Postage is included in thern price (UK only) For overseas postage please contact for price.As the pictures sell I will be replacing them with similar. No matter how much I try there will always be subtle differences in the colour due to the fact that I hand dye all the fleece in small quantities thus making every picture unique. 

It is extremely hard to bring out the texture of fleece and the true colour of the picture in photographs. The photographs always look a little fuzzy. This is probably due to the quality  of my camera and my inexpertise! These pictures are just to give an idea of my work and what is available.


Actual needle felted pictures measures 8in x6in. They are  double mounted giving an overall measurement of 12inx10in. Sent cellophane wrapped with explanatory leaflet.


All the pictures below are priced at £18.95 inc postage

Solway Sunset



Winter Sheep

Belted Galloways

Two's company
By the Loch

Autumn Splendour

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