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New! Hand Dyed Fleece Packs

Selection of hand dyed Fleece including dyed lambswool which felts beautifully with lots of texture.

A mixture of carded and uncarded wool.


Cost: 100g inc postage £12.00


A mixture of Hand dyed fleece including lambswool and natural colours. This pack also includes white carded fleece for felting in water and sky. The natural colours are in greys and browns for rock formations and trees. A mixture of carded and uncarded wool to give lots of texture.

Basket not included!! 


Cost: 100g inc postage £10.00

This is a completely new way to needle felt a picture using a paper napkin as your base....a sort of paint by numbers! The kit includes one napkin image already bonded, hand dyed and natural fleece required for the project as well as an additional packet of fleece to use in further projects, a pack of two needles, one 10in x 8in mount (state your preference of black or white) , backing fabric for three projects and a piece of foam. The kit also comes with a booklet with photos and instructions on how to felt your fox as well as additional ideas. I will also include a free pack of napkin images for you to experiment further. This kit is suitable for beginners as well as those who have already ventured into the world of needle felting

Cost of Kit £20 with free postage (UK only)

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