Solway Woolscapes

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Welcome to my site where you can view some of my landscape pictures and contact me for my products.  

I have been involved in all kinds of crafts for many years but I have found a real passion in needle felting. I enjoy working through the entire process by washing the raw fleece, dyeing it in the colours of nature and finally needle felting it into a landscape. Some of the fleece I use for spinning. The wool I spin is mainly used for my personal projects though some of it is used to knit up and felt ready for keyrings, brooches, mobile phone holders etc. Being involved in a craft through the entire process is satisfying and rewarding. Sometimes when dyeing the fleece the results are unpredictable which adds to the interest. It also means that each picture is unique.

About Solway Woolscapes

My pictures are inspired by the scenery of Dumfries and Galloway. I am fortunate to wake up each morning to the hills and the coastline of the Solway


Sunset over the Solway

View from the front garden