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I have been involved in all kinds of crafts for many years but I have found a real passion in needle felting. I enjoy working through the entire process by washing the raw fleece, dyeing it in the colours of nature and finally needle felting it into a landscape. Some of the fleece I use for spinning. The wool I spin is mainly used for my personal projects though some of it is used to knit up and felt ready for keyrings, brooches, mobile phone holders etc. Being involved in a craft through the entire process is satisfying and rewarding. Sometimes when dyeing the fleece the results are unpredictable which adds to the interest. It also means that each picture is unique.  

Anne Arnold. Textile Artist


About Solway Woolscapes

I live in the beautiful county of Dumfries and Galloway which is situated in the South West of Scotland. Living on the coastline with the hilsl behind me I am never short of inspiration for my pictures. Obtaining fleece to wash and dye is not a problem in this part of the world as we are surrounded with sheep of all breeds. Another familiar sight are the distintive black and white Belted Galloways.

I started needle felting over 12 years ago and though many prefer wet felting or creating 3D figures I prefer to create landscapes.I love the colours and textures of nature. I am a member of the Guild of Spinners, Weavers and Dyers as I enjoy spinning and weaving as well. We are fortunate to have a very active group here in Dumfries who enjoy sharing their skills and ideas. Throughout my years of felting they have given me tremendous support. In addition I am a member of the Embroiderers Guild which has led me down the path of incorporating different techniques and not all of them involve stitching. Sometimes I set off to a workshop armed with a soldering iron, glue, various fibres and a heat gun! If you live in this area then I can assure you that these groups will give you a warm welcome if you decide to learn or improve your skills.

Due to Covid19 all the events and classes I had booked for the last year were all cancelled. However, we seem to be moving towards normality (though I think it will be a different kind of normality) and I am beginning to make plans. Yarndale and the Kendal Gathering are hoping to go ahead in the Autumn and it will be nice to see my customers in person once again. Working online has been a challenge for me especially since I put my kits on Etsy and on eBay. To be honest, I was not prepared for the orders that came flooding in. In the past year I have dyed more fleece than I have in all the previous years together! What has been so positive is the interaction I have still been able to have with my customers who have sent photos of the landscapes they have made using the kits. The new letterbox kits have gone down well with many purchasing for themselves not just for others. I think we all need a little bit of an uplift! The video which was made last Autumn has also had really positive results. It was a bit of a challenge as I am so used to teaching to a class and having the instant rapport however the video has been well received and viewed many times. I wanted to be able to give confidence to those who were felting for the first time and I hope I have achieved that. I have put together a tentative class programme for the coming few months. The hall I use will hopefully be open soon for business, Last year has been financially challenging for the committee so it will be good to see the hall fully operational this year. Obviously I can only put together a 'game plan' but that will always be subject to change. I think we are all used to the constant changes by now. I hope you enjoy browsing through my website and please remember that when it comes to technology I will always be an amateur. I much prefer a needle whether it be for felting, stitching, quilting or knitting. I am not so ambivalent when it comes to the vaccination or B12 injections though!!



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